Maximize Every Moment

Welcome to Maxie + Nova

At Maxie + Nova, we understand that life's moments are too precious to be weighed down by stress, especially when headed on an excursion that is supposed to be magical. As a family of annual passholders (the littlest of which are Maxie + Nova) to both Anaheim and Orlando's renowned theme parks (you know the ones!), we've unfortunately been there…a lot — the forgotten essentials, the added expenses, and the frustration..

These shared experiences inspired the creation of the Maxie + Nova Adventure Bag. More than just a bag, it's a meticulously curated solution born from countless journeys and trials. Each item within our kit is handpicked and thoughtfully developed to alleviate the common stresses we encountered, ensuring you're well-prepared for the unexpected without compromising your budget.

Family Adventure Enthusiasts

In testing our Adventure Bag during our own weekend escapes to the parks time and time again, we swiftly recognized the impact of having all of the essentials at our fingertips. The convenience of staying hydrated and cool, especially in the unpredictable Orlando weather, significantly enhanced our ability to enjoy precious moments and create memories together.

At Maxie + Nova, we're more than a brand; we're a family of adventure enthusiasts. Whether you're navigating rollercoasters or snacking and drinking to your heart's content (our fav!), we invite you to maximize every moment with us. 


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